Architectural Design: CAD doesn’t care

CAD (computer aided design) is a wonderful tool, but it is often credited with attributes that it does not possess. CAD does not care if a picture drawn by an operator is incomplete or nonsensical. It does not care if structural plans and architectural plans for the same building are based on different dimensions that should instead be the same. It does not care if a column is missing or if a mechanical duct encroaches into building occupants’ headroom. It does not care if the roof slopes away from the roof drains. It does not care if there is no flashing or if the building leaks. It does not care if exterior grade is above a window sill. It does not care if the building is uncomfortable or if mechanical equipment has no electrical connections. It does not care if wheelchair users cannot get through a door or down a hallway or if building occupants cannot safely exit the building. It does not care if a building is energy efficient. CAD is a wonderful tool, but “caring” is not one of its attributes.

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