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The Great Rush to Build

When starting a project, everyone is in a great rush to build.  “Why does it take so long to plan?” they ask.  “We already know what we want.  We don’t need to spend any more time planning.  Let’s get started

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Roof Drainage Design: Foresight or Afterthought?

If we could just get it a little further away or get it to go over there, everything would be okay. Copyright Albert R. Russell 2009

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A notable roof warranty exclusion

Manufacturers of single ply roofing membranes offer warranties that vary in duration and conditions of coverage. The warranties typically include a lengthy list of requirements and exclusions. One of the most notable exclusions, which appears in all caps and/or boldface

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Whatever it takes

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Roof Shingle Warranty: What’s in it?

There may be a popular notion that a 30-year shingle is one that comes with a full 30-year warranty against leaks, so that if you (or, more likely, your building) experience a roof leak, say, 27 years from the date

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This Change Order costs more than my whole house!

Change orders on large projects can carry shocking price tags. A little detail change can be multiplied by thousands of lineal feet or occur hundreds or thousands of times. When I was first working as an architectural drafter in a

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Soliciting Bids for Architectural Services?

Soliciting bids for architectural services carries a lot of risk. The main risk is that the party soliciting the bids may not understand the services and may not establish the scope of work sufficiently to be able to realize desirable

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The new Associates

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Mike’s Abridged Edition

Michaelsen (who likes to call himself Mike and who is now retired) occasionally tells stories about his work as a project manager for a prominent Pacific Northwest A-E firm. In one story he was the architect’s field rep on a

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The Long View (Take 2)

If you like the little story about angling the wall to allow the furniture into the bedroom, you may also appreciate this one, which has more to do with a piano than it has to do with architecture, but the

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