Expert Witness Services

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I have provided independent expert witness services on legal cases, pre-litigation claims, and construction project disputes since 2006. Projects have included public schools, condominium developments, a warehouse/distribution facility, a fiber mill, a government fire station, a natatorium, a public library, an inn, and single-family residences.

Services have included:

  1. Construction Defect Investigation and Analysis
  2. Review of Design and Construction Documents and Project Records
  3. Review of applicable codes, regulations, and other established project criteria
  4. Opinion Letters
  5. Expert Reports
  6. Damage Assessments
  7. Dispute Resolution / Mediation Support
  8. Court Testimony

When I am hired to provide expert services, I typically gather as much information as I can that may be related to the matter. On most cases I visit the site and observe the related construction, review contracts, drawings and specifications, applicable codes, regulations, and standards, and correspondence related to the project design and construction. I consider available and accessible information and records in order to form a professional opinion and develop a well-documented report based on facts and established criteria. I strive to write narrative reports in plain, understandable language with referenced exhibits that are as clear and concise as practical. My approach on the witness stand is similar: I use plain language in order to communicate clearly with jurors who may not be familiar with the technical terms of the design profession and the construction industry.

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