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Whatever it takes

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Project Coordination: Practice the Hand-off

Coordination in architecture, engineering, and construction is all about the hand-off, just as it is in other businesses and in team sports. The hand-off happens all over the place, all the time. It is often accompanied by words like “You

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Missing consultant coordination, a hilltop building gets a surprise lift station

If you put a new building on a hilltop, the need for a sewage lift station may be the last thing you would expect. However, if you discover that the plumbing waste pipe leaving the building is below the end

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Roof Drainage Design: Early design decisions can influence roof and wall performance

It is possible for architectural designers to rely too much on technical details, specifications, and construction quality to overcome the challenges created by a design concept. A design concept can overwhelm the intended performance of roofs and walls that are

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Roof Shingle Warranty: What’s in it?

There may be a popular notion that a 30-year shingle is one that comes with a full 30-year warranty against leaks, so that if you (or, more likely, your building) experience a roof leak, say, 27 years from the date

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This Change Order costs more than my whole house!

Change orders on large projects can carry shocking price tags. A little detail change can be multiplied by thousands of lineal feet or occur hundreds or thousands of times. When I was first working as an architectural drafter in a

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Soliciting Bids for Architectural Services?

Soliciting bids for architectural services carries a lot of risk. The main risk is that the party soliciting the bids may not understand the services and may not establish the scope of work sufficiently to be able to realize desirable

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New construction is really alteration

Even new construction includes alterations. An existing site is altered. A neighborhood is altered. Drainage patterns are altered. Utilities and transportation patterns are altered. Access is altered. Resource sites are altered through extraction of materials that are ultimately utilized in

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The new Associates

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How Hard Does It Rain in the Northwest?

A shopping mall developer and the mall’s architect have to stand up to the scrutiny of department stores who will be part of the development. I recall attending a meeting where the architect’s head designer presented the design of the

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