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10 Features of Good Construction Documents for Massachusetts Filed Sub-Bids

Scope clarity is the highest priority when it comes to developing documents for Filed Sub-Bids. Massachusetts General Law (M.G.L. c.149) establishes requirements for Filed Sub-Bids on public building projects. Separate Filed Sub-Bids are mandated for certain trade-specific classes of work

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5 Attributes of Good Construction Documents

Here are just a few key attributes of good construction documents for buildings: Drawings and specifications use the same terminology. A good example of this attribute would be consistent naming of soil types in earthwork specifications and structural drawings, and

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5 Concepts in Home Heating

In roughly chronological order, considering heating only: Build a fire in the center. To get warmer, make a bigger fire or stand closer to it. To get cooler, move away from the fire or let it go out. Heat the

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Passive Houses Demystified

Passive Houses (from the German Passivhaus) are super-low-energy buildings that allow us to avoid the volatility of fuel prices, reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, and help protect the environment. Many may still remember the oil crises of the 1970s,

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