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5 Concepts in Home Heating

In roughly chronological order, considering heating only: Build a fire in the center. To get warmer, make a bigger fire or stand closer to it. To get cooler, move away from the fire or let it go out. Heat the

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Passive Houses Demystified

Passive Houses (from the German Passivhaus) are super-low-energy buildings that allow us to avoid the volatility of fuel prices, reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, and help protect the environment. Many may still remember the oil crises of the 1970s,

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Needed: A Passive House Architectural Style

Passive Houses are at the leading edge of energy efficiency and comfort. A Passive House approach to design and construction can reduce heating energy demand to as little as 10% of that of a standard, code compliant house. That’s a

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Seeing heat loss through a concrete wall

The thermal image above (taken with a FLIR C2) illustrates heat loss through an uninsulated concrete foundation wall at floor level. The concrete foundation is insulated below grade, but the owner did not want to see insulation between the grade

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Passive House Described

Passive House is a term that can throw you off, especially if you don’t know the origin of the term but remember passive solar. The terms are related, but they are not really the same thing. Passive Houses consider the

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Don’t Overpay for Energy Conservation Improvements

Air Sealing and insulation upgrades can do wonders for comfort and reduce heating costs, but the initial cost still deserves scrutiny before making a commitment. Personal or social energy conservation motives and available rebates may be attractive, but they are

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