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Construction Documents Peer Review

Joe Iano (see Iano’s backfill ) shared with me an approach to quality review of construction documents that is used by a prominent firm where he is employed in Seattle (see the AIA 2009 Honor Award Firm of the Year

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My 50-50 Rule

Jobs vary in the proportion of time required for technical work (“stuff”) vs. people work (communication, cooperation, management, etc.). Some jobs may consist of less than 50% stuff, but most jobs done effectively require at least 50% people work. If

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The Architect’s role at the construction site

As construction began on a building, the architect’s field representative was approached by the electrical subcontractor. The subcontractor wanted the architect’s approval to install all distribution conduit at a specific level and prior to construction of interior partitions and mechanical

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Masonry Design: Not-Quite-Through-Wall Flashing

Through-wall flashing is a common water management feature of masonry cavity wall and veneer construction. It is most effective if its outer edge is beyond the outer face of the wall and is turned down to form a drip edge

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